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Metacity, an X window manager uses compositing in this way.The compositing can also make use of 3D pipelines accelerations such as GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap.With properly installed drivers, and GPU hardware such as supported Intel, ATI, and n Vidia chip sets, some window managers, called compositing window managers, allow windows to be separately processed and then rendered (or composited).

W^X was first implemented in Open BSD 3.3, released May 2003.The protocol was designed by David Carver; the specification for version 2 of the protocol was written in July 1991.It is mainly used today to resize video content in the video controller hardware in order to enlarge a given video or to watch it in full screen mode.Although W^X (or DEP) has only protected userland programs for most of its existence, in 2012 Microsoft extended it to the Windows kernel on the x86 and ARM architectures. How many moles of sugar molecules are shown in this container?

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1 mole What is the volume of the container in litres?

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