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I felt weak in my knees as Steve unlocked the door.As he fumbled with the key card, Jim came up behind me and put his arms around me from behind.Steve travels for business occasionally and I joined him on a recent trip, staying at a nice hotel that had a bar with entertainment.Our first night there we decided to eat at the hotel and have a few drinks.

Steve says I'm still hot and he often comments on my nice legs, small tight ass, and beautiful breasts. Our sex life has gotten better since the kids left the nest and we now have more time for each other.Fantasies of me kissing and tonguing a thick lipped black man and visualizing a strong black body against my whiteness, with our contrasting colored arms wrapped around each other as a large black pole strained my pink pussy lips were inexplicably exciting to both Steve and me.A few minutes later the waitress brought us a round and motioned toward the man I had been flashing when she told us where it was from.The next thing I knew we were all in the elevator heading for our room.There was another couple in the elevator and the woman gave me a smile as the three of us got off on our floor.

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Jim sensed our hesitation and told us that we didn't have to answer right away. He said that he and his wife had not often but occasionally shared lovers, and they found it added excitement to their love life.

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