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Whos eve dating

Eve Donovan is a fictional character from the NBC soap opera, Days of Our Lives.

Eve was portrayed by actress Charlotte Ross, until her exit in 1991.

After Eve accidentally hit Sarah Horton with her car, she told Shane she was his daughter and he took her in, though she continued to cause problems for him and Kimberly.

Eve also competed with Jennifer Horton for Frankie Brady's affections.

Eve got separatedfrom Frankie and met a woman named Molly Brinkler. Jennifer decided to give into Eve's demands, not wanting J.

Molly drew Eve a map to a safe house for Eve and her fellow passengers to rest in. J and Paige to be caught in the middle, but Eve wanted to use Jack's movie based on his story as a cash cow, and make as many changes as needed to make the movie popular. Eve caught a woman, named Allison, attempting to steal a woman's purse. J., and made him and Paige break up, Eve would give Allison the money she needed to leave Salem. Eve would become a cougar; repeatedly having sex with J. over the course of a few months, until it was discovered in a hotel room by Jennifer.

Eve took all the credit and was treated like a celebrity until Molly turned up in Salem and exposed her lies. Jennifer refused and Eve vowed to take her to court. Allison agreed and was successful at her mission, but Paige didn't believe J. This gets found out by Paige, and she would hate Eve and J. Paige is murdered by the killer and is Eve is distraught feeling bad about the what she did to Paige.

A man named Eddie took Eve to a mansion that Nick owned, hoping to find some money their.

Eve found a key and Eddie took her to the bank to open a safety deposit box.

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During a game of chicken, Nick's car went over a cliff and exploded.