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Although Lachey and Minnillo -- who married in July 2011 and now have three kids together -- weren't face-to-face that day, it was a pivotal moment in their relationship that took things from friendly to romantic. Vanessa: It wasn’t until, coincidentally, I broke up with my longtime boyfriend and he was getting divorced that we ended up reconnecting.In celebration of chatted with both of the Lacheys to get the full rundown of that fateful day (with a guest appearance from La La Anthony, who filled in for Minnillo on that episode). He did a solo album and he asked me to do the video for “What’s Left of Me.” And he’ll joke, “In my grand marketing scheme I thought if I get the girl who is on , was the beginning of our relationship.If anything, the two would have seemed like perfect rebound candidates for each other.The whole thing started when Vanessa played the woman who's ripping his heart out in his video for "What's Left of Me," the breakup-inspired ballad that to date is his biggest single as a solo artist.

Minnillo and Lachey remained relatively public about their relationship, hitting up red carpets together in good times.

Former "Total Request Live" host Minnillo and former boy-bander Lachey appeared together on the channel long before they began dating in 2006. Mini crush." Later, after Lachey finalized his divorce from pop princess and "Newlyweds" co-star Jessica Simpson, he and Minnillo went public as a couple.

Earlier that year, the pair began flirting on the set of Lachey's "What's Left of Me" video, which was also shot for an episode of "Making The Video." While they played a troubled couple in the clip, their chemistry on set was electric. They may never have gotten their own reality show like Lachey and Simpson, but the pair certainly never shied away from the MTV cameras, with Lachey making several appearances on "TRL" while Minnillo was still host.

For her part, Minnillo hasn’t been quiet about her desire to marry her longtime beau.

“Once again it looks as if I’m always the bridesmaid but never the bride,” she said, gently ribbing Lachey last year.

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But if you think about Nick Lachey just months before he met the woman who would go on to become the mother of his three children, the woman he shares a birthday with today, his destiny as the happily married family man he is now was in question."Do I believe that I'll fall in love again one day? "That's not what I envisioned for myself."At the time, the 98 Degrees singer was untangling himself from one of the primo love stories of the early '00s, his three-year, partially televised marriage to Jessica Simpson, had just dated Kristin Cavallari for a hot second.

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