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Run "./configure --help" to see what features you can enable/disable.If you are behind a firewall or unable to use subversion, then nightly FFmpeg snapshots are also available.

Alternatively you can use the console of the htpc itself too, but then you will have a hard time typing in everything.Sorry if I seemed abrupt, if you have difficulty with anything let people know you are a noobie and they will spell it out for you step by step or lead to you a site that has the information you seek without hesitation. A while ago I posted some fixed ffmpeg and x264 packages for Ubuntu Jaunty (.deb) but you may want to upgrade to the latest version of ffmpeg and x264 (whichever the latest version is).You always have the chance to try XBMC Live to demo and test out XBMC Media Center running on top of Linux, but if you want to have more control and more customization possibilities, then a Linux installation like described in this guide might be more suitable.In case you have any issues/ questions and comments, feel free to visit this forum thread This is a real step-by-step guide, I hope everybody can follow and walk through the whole installation procedure.

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