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We recommend running the Clam AV Stable Version on production systems. Find Win32, Mac OS X, Linux & BSD packages in the Alternate Versions section.For Clam AV to work properly, both the Clam AV engine and the Clam AV Virus Database (CVD) must be kept up to date.It packages more than 2000 popular open source titles and they can all easily be installed with dependency handling via pkgutil which is modeled after Debians Clam Xav for Mac OS X is available for purchase at Clam Xav.

For the stable release, the packages are updated via the Stable Updates mechanism.

As these packages have to go through QA, it usually takes some time for a new Clam AV source release to appear as an official RPM.

For those who want the newest version, packages are available from the security project in the open Su SE Build Service. Open CSW is a community software project for Solaris 8 on both Sparc and x86.

clamd is activated by uncommenting its entry in the @av_scanners list, file /etc/

You can generate some nifty stats from amavisd log files using”:[amavis-stats [amavis-stats | get amavisd-new smtp-vilter is a high performance content filter for sendmail using the milter API.

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To use these packages, pick the subdirectory for your Su SE version from the open Su Se website Use the update variant for open Su SE, add it to your installation as another repository using Ya ST or zypper and give it a higher priority (lower number) than the repository that delivers the official updates.

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