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This form may be obtained at a VA regional office, from veterans organizations or from the Internet:

However, if the discharge was more than 15 years ago, a veteran must petition the appropriate service Board for Correction of Military Records using Do D Form 149, which is discussed in the “Correction of Military Records” section of this booklet.

If an officers DOR is such that he or she will meet the minimum TIG by the convening date of the board, then the officer is advised to prepare for consideration and ensure ample time is allowed to review his or her record. For all boards, with the exception of the active component Captains board, the Marine Corps will request authority from SECNAV to preclude from consideration officers with an established separation or retirement date that is within 90 days after the date the board convenes. Service on the RASL includes service in the Ready Reserve (AR, SMCR, IMA, and IRR) and in an active status of the Standby Reserve. Officers should verify any additions or deletions from their OMPF or MBS within the 12-month window to ensure the accuracy and completeness of their record.

Information on preparing for a promotion board is available at the officer promotion homepage. OMPF documents can be emailed as a pdf attachment or OMPF documents can be mailed to CMC (MMRP-20).

A discharge review is conducted by a review of an applicant’s record and, if requested, by a hearing before the board.

Discharges awarded as a result of a continuous period of unauthorized absence in excess of 180 days make persons ineligible for VA benefits regardless of action taken by discharge review boards, unless VA determines there were compelling circumstances for the absence.

REF J IS MARADMIN 277/01 BACCALAUREATE DEGREE REQUIREMENT FOR RESERVE OFFICERS. Reference (a) provides a lineal list of all officers in the Marine Corps. The convening of continuation selection boards will be announced in the MARADMIN announcing the promotion zones, as applicable, based on SECNAV-approved continuation plans for this fiscal year. Grade Considered For Selection To TIG Brigadier General Major General 1 year TIG Colonel Brigadier General 1 year TIG Lieutenant Colonel Colonel 3 years TIG Major Lieutenant Colonel 3 years TIG Captain Major 3 years TIG First Lieutenant Captain no minimum TIG CWO 2, 3, 4 CWO 3, 4, 5 2 years TIG This information is provided in an effort to provide officers an approximate indication of when they may expect to be considered for promotion. Officers approved for deferment will be considered by a subsequent board in the same zone (in-zone or above-zone, as applicable) that they would have been considered had their eligibility not been deferred. Refer to reference (c) to determine what documents are appropriate for inclusion in the OMPF. Per reference (c), ensure any material sent to CMC (MMRP-20) for filing in the OMPF contains full name, grade, and the DOD ID.

The veteran or, if the veteran is deceased or incompetent, the surviving spouse, next of kin or legal representative may apply for a review of discharge by writing to the military department concerned, using Do D Form 293.Air Force: Contact the Air Force Review Boards Agency. The Army now accepts online applications for changes using the ACTSOnline system.R 051110Z APR 18 MARADMIN 196/18 MSGID/GENADMIN/CMC WASHINGTON DC MRA MM// SUBJ/FY20 U. MARINE CORPS OFFICER PROMOTION SELECTION BOARDS// REF/A/MSGID: DOC/CMC MMPR/YMD: 20160701// REF/B/MSGID: DOC/CMC MMPR/YMD: 20090701// REF/C/MSGID: DOC/CMC MIFD/YMD: 20000714// REF/D/MSGID: DOC/CMC MMRP/YMD: 20101119// REF/E/MSGID: DOC/CMC C461TPS/YMD: 20080801// REF/F/MSGID: MSG/CMC/141427ZOCT2016// REF/G/MSGID: DOC/CMC MCCDC C 40 OP/YMD: 20080125// REF/H/MSGID: MSG/CMC/112035ZDEC08// REF/I/MSGID: DOC/CMC RAP-20/YMD: 20090322// REF/J/MSGID: MSG/CMC/120935ZJUN2001// REF/K/MSGID: MSG/CMC/090730ZAUG2007// REF/L/MSGID: DOC/CONGRESS// REF/M/MSGID: MSG/CMC/052215ZFEB2018// NARR/REF A IS MCBUL 1400, OFFICER LINEAL PRECEDENCE.REF B IS MCO P1400.31C W/CH 1, MARINE CORPS PROMOTION MANUAL, VOLUME 1, OFFICER PROMOTIONS WITH UPDATE MARADMIN 249/09.REF C IS MCO P1070.12K W/CH 1, MARINE CORPS INDIVIDUAL RECORDS ADMINISTRATION MANUAL (IRAM).

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