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AMIDSHIPS : In the vicinity of the middle portion of a vessel as distinguished from her ends.The term is used to convey the idea of general locality but not that of definite extent. ACCOMMODATION LADDER : Stairs slung at the gangway, leading down the vessel's side to a point near the water, for ship access from small boats. AFTER BODY : That portion of a ship's body aft of the midship section.

The ring is secured to the top of the shank with a riveted pin.

The term applies to a sail only when the relative wind is forward of the beam. ANGLE BAR : A bar of angle-shaped section used as a stiffener and for attachment of one plate or shape to another.

ANGLE BULB : A structural shape having a bulb on one flange of the angle, used as a frame, beam, or stiffener.

Three are usually carried, two (the main bowers) in the hawse pipes, or on bill boards, and a third (spare) lashed on deck or elsewhere about the vessel for use in the event either of the main bowers is lost.

The weight varies with the size and service of the ship.

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On submarines or ships having a similar stern, it is a vertical line passing through the point where the designed water line intersects the stern of the ship.

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