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On the plus side, there’s still a lot of venture capital money chasing revolutionary ideas, with .3 billion flowing to startups in the second quarter of this year, a 20% pop over the first quarter, according to a Money Tree Report by Pricewaterhouse Coopers and the National Venture Capital Association.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in the booming self-driving car space, where the past few months alone have seen companies ranging from Ford to Uber make large investments in, respectively, laser radar ( million into Velodyne) and autonomous trucks (0 million into Otto).1 report in that suggested his VC firm was not yet in the elite company of Sequoia Capital and Benchmark, whose returns to investors exceed Andreessen Horowitz.The result of the article was "my phone started to ring" with investors wanting to get in on Andreessen's fund, he said. "My only request is the next time they write an article, it should be four months before we close a fund." Other tech sectors getting attention from VCs include drones, augmented reality and software as a service, said Jager Mc Connell, CEO of Crunchbase, a site that tracks tech startup funding rounds.In Andreessen's view, sizzling tech sectors include life sciences, financial tech, and, most of all, artificial intelligence."About two years ago, there was a feeling that four of five big companies would just suck up all the AI talent," he said, allowing that to some degree that came to pass.

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See, being a founder is more about securing resources while being a CEO is totally about the job of leadership.

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