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"She's been through this before." Having lived and learned from her previous divorce from that other guy, Aniston is making an effort to ensure this is a more mellow separation.

"She has her group of friends that are her family, and they have rallied around her," one insider told E! "She has a lot of love in her life." And she's open to letting just a little more in.As the Internet, and her fan base, collectively lost their minds "things got stirred up again," a confidante explained to E! "She knows in due time she will feel tremendously better, but is really going through the motions right now." Still, even in the earliest days of their break up, she was confident in her recovery."Jen knows she is strong and knows things will smooth over in time," noted the source.Jen's all about hanging out with friends right now that she trusts and is comfortable with." Thankfully, she has a dedicated crew willing to weed out any paramours who aren't up to snuff.Her ride-or-dies include manager Aleen Keshishian, actress Andrea Bendewald, producing partner Kristin Hahn and longtime yoga instructor Mandy Ingber (all present and accounted for at the low-key birthday she enjoyed days before announcing the breakup) along with Jimmy Kimmel, Jason Bateman, Ellen De Generes, Portia De Rossi and, of course, BFF Courteney Cox. (Sorry, not even a little bit sorry.) And, according to Aniston, she's the ideal person to have when you're going through the tough stuff, for instance, the end of a seven-year romance.

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"Without giving away too much of my private stuff, all I can say is she's been there for me through thick and thin." alum "the most" following the split, an insider told E! "Courteney's been at her house many times, and has been by her side through all of it." Or just a quick few taps away.

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