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Speed dating events norwich

The Sheriff had never had a direct control over the area of the Liberty.Instead, there had been a Steward of the Liberty, at least since the days of William the Conqueror.They had been used to being independent men, negotiating their production rates with clothiers, and controlling their own workrates. The clothiers had begun to set up their own weavers with looms, and fixing their pay.The independent weavers raised a petition against these new practices.It would probably be 50 years before there was much interest in them from collectors.

The Liberty now came under the control of the Crown.After the dissolution in 1539, the rights of the Abbot returned to the Crown.The government of the town was largely ignored by the new owners of the abbey lands and privileges, and any joint actions continued to be carried out through the Guildhall Feoffees, largely without any formal legal backing.Unlike many other towns in England at this time, Bury was growing and prospering.It did this largely independently of the Abbey's decline and eventual closure.

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During the time of the abbey any form of local self determination by the townspeople of Bury existed solely through the Candlemas Guild and later the Guildhall Feoffment Trust.