Smoking chat

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Smoking chat

The messages help break down old habits and internal self-talk that lead to continued smoking — even when you want to quit.

Use self-hypnosis to send messages to your subconscious that will promote quitting and boost overall wellness.

It also shows you how much money you’re saving and how much you’re helping your body by not smoking.

You can earn reward badges for your progress if you’re into incentives.

Learn how much money you’re saving once you stop smoking, log your cravings and interpret craving trends, and see how your health is improving.

It also features missions to motivate and inspire you along the way.

Track your smoke-free stats like money saved, cigarettes not smoked, and days of progress.

Track your smoking consumption and nicotine cravings.

When times get tough, set reminders, goals, and even personal motivations to keep going.

This app uses the power of personal achievements and social media to motivate people as they quit smoking.

i Phone rating: ★★★★✩ Android rating: ★★★★✩ Price: .99 for i Phone, .99 for Android If you’re trying to quit smoking, you know what a personal journey it is.

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