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Left arm is scarred on the upper side from light self mutilation.

Has large hands with calloused knuckles but soft palms.

In public she treats him like nothing, dirt, but in private she's kind and tells him everything.

Name: Lunara Race: Lycanthrope Age: 19Gender: Female Sexuality: Straight as an arrow. Angered, she's hard to contain and more likely to succeed in drawing blood.

Even though he is the quiet type, he is known to blush from time to time, being one to be very shy around others.

Bio: Aang is an Elemental, having control over the Four Basic Elements that make up this world, such as Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.

At this time, he has only been working for one person, Akiko.

Blessed with a strong metabolism that keeps his body fit and strong, he is allowed to let his diet and activities vary to extensive borders without trouble or worry.

She's very social and talks to everyone, your either her friend and her enemy, there's no in between.

Displays her emotions on her face and is very expressive.

Collars: Interestingly enough, she has been given two. Charms: Star, skull Personality: Lunara is generally mild tempered, when left alone.

Looks after other's, dislikes seeing anyone mistreated.

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Bio: Both parents are dead and she has had to basically raise herself.