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All quotation marks, em dashes and ampersand have been transcribed as entity references.All double right and left quotation marks are encoded as " and " respectively.My reason for detailing them is that they show, first, the social habits of the people generally, because the University is a microcosm of the State, and, second, they were largely caused by the defective system of discipline.I have endeavored to follow the careers in after-life of the honor men.All single right and left quotation marks are encoded as ' and ' respectively.All em dashes are encoded as -- Indentation in lines has not been preserved. Spell-check and verification made against printed text using Author/Editor (Soft Quad) and Microsoft Word spell check programs.Page iii TO THE MEMORY OF MY FATHER AND MOTHER, WHO INSTILLED INTO MY BRAIN AND HEART FROM EARLIEST BOYHOOD PRIDE IN AND AFFECTION FOR MY ALMA MATER, THIS BOOK IS LOVINGLY DEDICATED. Page v This history was written amid many interruptions.

It may be objected that the subjects of the speeches by graduates unnecessarily encumber the volume. Hamilton, for the preparation of the very laborious and thorough index, and to Dr. Page vi One fact, not appearing on any record at Chapel Hill, has come to my knowledge since the volume was printed, that the Delta Psi Fraternity, with a large membership, was in the University from 1854 until some time during the war.Except where absolutely necessary for true portraiture, I have carefully refrained from wounding the feelings of any one.It may be said that I have dwelt too much on the pranks and frolics of students.My reasons for recording them are, 1st, that they show what the students were thinking about, and, 2d, that the students of the present and future may have a treasure-house of themes, which may aid them in solving the difficult question, "what must I write about? I will be glad if all who may notice such derelictions will notify me of the same. in the 40's; Trustees; Swain described; Anecdotes and Peculiarities; Faculty meetings; Conduct towards the N. Railroad; Professors described, Mitchell, Phillips, Fetter, Hooper, Green, Deems, Battle, Graves, Charles Phillips, Brown, S. Phillips--Their peculiarities; "Bedeveling" the Faculty; Curriculum Exercises; Senior Speeches; Ante-sunrise Prayers; The Discipline; Examinations; The Two Societies; Commencements--the Marshals, Band, Ball Manager, Supper." I acknowledge with the deepest gratitude my obligations to Professor Collier Cobb, for aid in obtaining the faithful half-tones which grace the book, to Dr. I promise to give the proper corrections in the second volume. Facetiae--Funny and Absurd; Hazing, Practical Jokes; Parody on Byron; Bathos; The Literary Trumpet; Amusements; Athletics; Strolls, Marbles, Bandy (or Shinny); Dancing, Hunting; Care of the sick; Social Amusements; Bad Roads; Mails; Music; College Carpenter, Davis, Boot-maker; Servants; Ben Boothe, Sam Morphis, George Horton, the poet; Night suppers; Andrew Mason; Yatney; Jack and Ches. Commencement of 1850; Smith Hall; Dangerous Riot; Methodist Church built; Fraternities begin; Office of Escheator-General created; the David Allison Escheat; Commencement of 1851, and 1852; Students against Faculty on appointment of a sub-Marshal.

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I further express my thanks to the Honorable Board of Trustees for giving me free access to the University archives. Constitution of 1776 and Charter of 1789--The Trustees, First meetings--Location of Site--donors--Laying Cornerstone--Sale of Chapel Hill lots--Mc Corckle's Plan of Studies; Dr. Merritt, the coon hunters; Couch; The Village; Drs. University Magazine of 1852-1861; Commencement of 1853, 1854; Charles Phillips Professor of Civil Engineering; B. Hedrick, of Application of Chemistry to Agriculture and the Arts; Increase of Numbers; Laws Revised; Baptist Church built; Commencement of 1855; New Salaries; Burning of Belfry; Case of Professor Hedrick; The Herrisse Controversy; New Buildings, Professors and Departments; The Curriculum; Preparation for Admission; Commencement of 1856; Invitation to Archbishop Hughes; Commencement of 1857; Death of Dr.