Ron and nicole were dating

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Kelly, the attorney for her estate in the civil trial, tells PEOPLE.“She couldn’t have imagined that it would ever escalate to that level, simply because she was the mother of his children,” Kelly says. ” In living rooms and bars across America, scenes from the trial, the bloody glove and an LAPD detective being exposed as a racist and liar, became topics of conversation.By all accounts, he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Someone like that should be remembered.” In one of the highlights of the televised, year-long trial before Judge Lance Ito, defense attorneys taunted prosecutor Chris Darden to ask Simpson to try on the bloody glove found at the crime scene. J.’s behavior on the night of June 12 on Prozac, which he says Simpson was “popping like vitamins” and can make a user agitated. After Simpson was infamously acquitted in the murder trial, Gilbert claims he confronted him one night as they talked privately in Simpson’s backyard.“He walked into a murder in progress, he tried to help, and he lost his life trying,” says Goldman’s father Fred, of what he believes happened. But that was only after his agent, Mike Gilbert, told Simpson not to take his arthritis medication so his hands would swell, claims Gilbert, author of RELATED: 20 Years Later: Look Back at the 10 Most Bizarre Moments of O. Gilbert told Simpson he knew what Simpson had told their friend Al Cowlings: that he hadn’t gone to Nicole’s home that night to kill her, and if she hadn’t opened the door holding a knife, she’d still be alive. (Simpson attorney Yale Galanter has claimed Gilbert’s account is untrue.Peering inside the gate they could see blood, lots of blood, and Nicole’s lifeless body lying on the private sidewalk that led to her front door.

Goldman was not part of any notable controversies during his career. Additionally, he was a friend of Nicole Brown Simpson and they both were killed in 1994 at her Brentwood, Los Angeles home. Talking about his education, Goldman attended high school at Adlai E. Furthermore, he also attended Illinois State University for one semester. Goldman initially was an employment headhunter and tennis instructor. He had also earned an Emergency Medical Technician’s license. Goldman met Nicole Brown six weeks before they were killed. After his parent divorced in 1974, he lived with his father and his younger sister, Kim Goldman. Furthermore, there are no details about his ethnic background.On June 13, 1994, a couple in Los Angeles were puzzled after their dog, a small white Akita, returned home with blood on his paws. The couple took the dog back outside and followed it as it led them directly to a neighbor’s home – Nicole Simpson.

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But for the families of Goldman and Brown, the case was always and only about the heartbreaking loss of a loved one. After a stint in a psychiatric ward, Nicole’s little sister Tanya Brown, now 44, became an advocate for mental health and decided she needed to forgive Simpson to release the pain that was eating her alive.