Romances friendship friendships executives dating

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I, Donald Waters, do bequeath the seat reserved in the cemetery for Ann and myself to Roscoe Winchester and Doris Sells.

I, Betty Ann Helms, do bequeath my love of studying French to Shannon Hallman.We also had new classmates when Camp Sutton was established. Our classmates who had lettered in football and basketball were equally proud of their sweater sleeve stripes. Olin Junebug Sikes was taken from us during the summer. Our Junior play under Miss Bakers direction was a big hit. I, Anne Mc Guirt, do bequeath exclusive travel rights on NC Hwy. We, Julia Copple and Bobbie Price, bequeath our reserved booth in Williams Luncheonette to Guts Mc Cauley and Lee Alexander.Finally we were attending classes in the high school building - feeling uneasy around those high school students. The year ended with a Maypole dance with our class dressed as Russians. I, Dorothy Duncan, bequeath my strictly academic interest in mechanical engineering to Don Broome.We, the senior members of the football team, do unhappily bequeath the palatial spring track field to our lucky followers.I, Clara Griffin, do bequeath my punctuality to Sid Hart.

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1, Harold Helms, do sadly bequeath my empty gas tank to Eddie Mc Cain.