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Oonline dating txt 454

The heat maps were based on the relative abundance of OTUs 1% relative abundance.Three different types of cluster analysis (CA) were performed over the samples: “analysis A” including all OTUs and using a non-phylogeny-dependent method; “analysis B” including only OTUs with 1% relative abundance and using a phylogeny-dependent method.Quality criteria taken were the following: (1) failed sequence reads, (2) sequences with low quality tags, and (3) sequences that are shorter than half the expected amplicon length or 250 bp, whichever the shortest.

Salt-adjusted optimum annealing temperature of primer 530F was calculated (47°C) and hence a range of annealing temperatures of 44–49°C was tested.

Based on BLASTN identity, sequences were affiliated to distinct taxonomic levels as follows: (1) at OTU level if divergence was less than 3%, (2) at genus level if divergence was in the range 3–5%, (3) at family level if divergence was 5–10%, (4) at order level if divergence was 10–15%, (5) at class level if divergence was 15–20%, and (6) at phylum level if divergence was 20–23%.

Sequences that did not encounter queried sequences with less than 23% divergence were discarded.

Their ability to perform anaerobic ammonium oxidation has attracted the attention of many researchers due to the change it made for the understanding of the nitrogen cycle.

They have been found as important bacteria for the ecology of nitrogen in oceanic environments [2–4] and have been proposed to play an important role in the nitrogen cycle at global scale [2].

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Denoising was then conducted for elimination of bad sequences and correction of base pair errors.