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In May the Napoleonic War was ended by a peace treaty.

The stations of the Yarmouth naval telegraph line set up in 1808 were rapidly sold off.

The by-now eight troops of Suffolk Yeomanry originally formed in 1793 were formed into the First Regiment Loyal Suffolk Yeomanry Calvary. At Chedburgh the Marquess of Bristol built a school for Jonathan Cooper, probably a former soldier, to use for his classes.

Other places might rely on the rector or his wife to teach basic literacy.

This included the Telegraph station on Telegraph Road in Icklingham.

To celebrate the ending of the war the theme for the Bury Festival was the burning of Napoleon's effigy.

Bury had its Grammar School, founded in 1551, but there was no way in which a poor family could ever manage to send a child here. In 1814 the Chevington Way was closed off by the Earl of Bristol.

He had obtained an Act of Parliament which allowed this on condition that it was replaced by an alternative route.

In 1813 the work was re-published as "The History and Antiquities of Hawstead and Hardwick in the County of Suffolk." Sir John had died in 1785, but the new edition, which was limited to 230 copies, included his own corrections, as well as notes by his brother, Sir Thomas Gery Cullum, and 7 new plates.The picture shows the notice giving details of the sports for the Bury Festival on 17th June 1814.It lists the old style races - the'Jingle race' and pig hunt.Probably this low rental implies that Ridley had paid for the building to be erected, and in effect this was just a site rent.In addition there were two new cottages for Sir Thomas Cullum's labourers which were not yet occupied.

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Britain's last Frost Fair was held on the frozen River Thames, where the ice around Blackfriars Bridge was thick enough to bear the weight of an elephant.

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