Oceania dating sites

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Oceania dating sites

The archaeology of Oceania involves, for the most part, short time perspectives, because migrations within the open Pacific could have occurred only after the development of seagoing canoe navigation in Neolithic times.The exception is the New Guinea–Australia region, where the ancestors of the Australoid- and Negritoid-type peoples evidently arrived in Paleolithic times.Most archaeological as well as racial, linguistic, and ethnological evidence continues to support the long-standing hypothesis of the settlement of Oceania by a succession of migrants from the Southeast Asia region, with at most very minor contacts eastward to America.The archaeological record begins when early populations, comparable with the fossils of Wadjak in Java, Aitape in New Guinea, and Keilor and others in Australia, were moving eastward.The New Guinea region was penetrated by canoe-migrating peoples carrying Neolithic elements that come to dominate the picture.The evidence suggests that the first comers were “dry” gardeners living in semi-sedentary hamlets, with crude stone tools including adzes and axes of oval cross section; such shifting cultivators are found still from Southeast Asia to the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu (New Hebrides).A much smaller Venice exists on Kosrae (formerly Kusaie), most easterly of the Carolines.

The hypothetical picture has the isolated Australian and Tasmanian populations developing along regional and local lines characteristic of their later archaeological perspectives: generally Paleolithic, but with some Neolithic and also recent Malay trading contacts along the northern coasts.It was a thriving hub of commerce with Red Sea and Indian Ocean ports and the earliest Christian kingdom in the world.Modern Axum retains little of its former grandeur, but it is still the spiritual heart of the country.In compiling known data on stonework in this whole area, one may distinguish two great types: one to the west (Micronesia, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa areas), characterized by ceremonial courts, perhaps with god houses, and platform tombs often of stepped types; the other to the east (Societies, Hawaii, New Zealand, and islands eastward to Easter Island), characterized by temple structures, usually with altars, standing stones probably as backrests for gods and priests in the rituals, and cist burials within the structures.From simpler shrines having a few standing stones ( inland Tahiti, New Zealand, small, outlying Hawaiian islands), the Polynesian temple became elaborated into various local forms including usually larger-size and “megalithic” stonework.

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This apparently occurred during the Fourth Glacial Epoch, when sea levels were lower, land pathways perhaps more uplifted, and inter-island channels narrower than now.

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