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Posted by / 05-Oct-2018 11:06

This will help prevent the details of your issue from being lost in this post.Please describe exactly what the behavior is that you're seeing as well as the setup that you're using on your end?

Other things to note are that this problem seems to only show up in the standalone player or on packaged builds, it is acting fine within the editor viewports.I will get a build together that can showcase the issue, is there a place to send it?I have exactly (more or less the same problem) how would I go to fix it.Please provide as much detail about your issue as possible to help us investigate. And because I wasn't able to find a viable Solution over the web search I decided to post my Work Aroud it is not the most neat/Perfect solution - however it does the Job for me.This solution will work only for Windows and Mac (I don't have any other platforms to make more).

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Is Input Key Down(EKeys:: Left Mouse Button), it is causing issues with getting updated screen coordinates of my mouse cursor.

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