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I wish you were not my mother rather my wife and my lover. At times , she invites me to sleep on her bed too , as it is morning time.So i just go and cuddle up right next to her soft bosom.I have started to imagine Vinode mommy as my lover. Right here, next to me while i undress her part by part, untying the knot of her nighty at her waist and then watching the glance of her slightly puffy waist but still very soft, so girlish and yet so motherly. I get up early in the morning and head straight to my parents room so that i can have some glimpse of my sleeping mother who is so carelessly dressed as sometimes she might have had a fuck with my useless father at night.Then i will undo her top slowly before removing her micro panties and fucking her. I wish i could see you naked soon and seeing you that way would satisfy the demon in me. Mostly, i dont see much but sometimes i can see right up to her areolas and nipples.I didnt have much courage so i just smelt them for some time and after that i came to my room and masturbated.

It was wet , it smelt of her divine pussy and piss. I dont know what happened but i had an instant erection.I wanted to steal some but i was unsure how to do it.Then another idea crossed my mind- there might be some fresh panties available.At home though, i started to wear nighties pretty early as they were not only comfortable but also had a lot of variety especially those front waist belt types.I am not really a fashion freek but yet i do take a visit to a parlor once in 10-15 days.

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I wanted to get a view from her leg side but i was afraid that she would wake up so i dropped the idea and came back to my room.

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