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Mingle2 comdatingphases

more about Lelya from Nikolaev What can I say about myself?

I am studying at the university and working, of course I love my life, I like communicating with interesting people, I like to spend time with my frien...

It's just that I'm pretty sure everyone I don't personally know is a murderer who either wants to sell my kidneys to a wealthy crime lord with two weeks left to live or collect my tears in a jar for witchcraft. (Not just buying one—I passed that freeway exit on loneliness a long ass time ago.)Look, we're all told we're supposed to embrace singledom and live in the moment and blah, and I'm all about that. Like most millennials, I'm a wee bit obsessed with myself.

Like, people who follow meet each other on Tinder and live happy lives together? I've been single (by choice, not that it's anyone's beeswax) for four years now and have had nary a complaint. Problem being, if you want to ~mingle~ living in a big city, you pretty much have one viable option: The internet. The internet is open season for murderers, drug lords, and Nickelback listeners, and all of them have just as much access to OKCupid as I do. It makes me want to want to Google things like "citizen's arrest" every time I see yet another ex-frat guy posing with a freaking tiger. FEEL MORE SORRY FOR ME THAN YOU ALREADY DO.) So it's been approximately eight hundred years since the last time I even put myself in a flirt-worthy situation, let alone actually gone on a date with someone. I get excited when an app so much as asks me what my birthday is.

It's like willingly jumping into an ocean full of piranhas, hoping that there's one cute, derpy fish that you might want to date.

Give them the 0 item during the date, and make sure you kiss at the end.

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Being a creative person I am emotional, but reasonable, impulsive but fair.

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