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North of the M4 was Mercia which stretched up to the present A5 road and was occupied by Angles (West Anglia).

The remainder of eastern and northern England was ruled by the Danish Vikings.

After Boudicca, over the next 200 years the Romans built "Londinium" into a fortified city of considerable wealth and comfort covering an area of some 330 acres surrounded by a wall 20 feet high.

It is possible today to "take a walk" round where the wall was, locating its position via its famous gates which names are still in existence today.

When the Romans left (to defend Rome against the German Vandal tribe) the German Saxons moved in.For those who know London this area would obviously have made a good port with immediate access to high dry ground.(Note the present day embankment did not exist.) The only building of note in the old Roman area which was used by the Saxons was the site of St Paul's for a church of that name.London Wall was the northern boundary and over a bridge (on the site of present day London Bridge) to present day Southwark described the city limits in the south .Hence the area north of the Thames was approximately ½ mile north south and just over a mile east west.

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There was also a Saxon Palace (position not known).