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Listen sex chat

Finally, make sure to pay a visit to Can Do Bar if you ever find yourself in Chiang Mai.

documentaries, you’ll love this spin-off with host Jody Avirgan.

has taken Australia by storm, and the most talked-about couple from the show, Dean and Tracey joined Kennedy Molloy for a chat this afternoon.

The show, which pairs two people who've never met before and them in front of a national television audience has absolutely blown up social media and water cooler chat around Australia.

They also stick to familiar territory, cracking jokes about life in New York which succeed because of their specificity. On the strength of their podcasting prowess, the duo now has a Viceland TV series called , hosts Kristin Russo and Jenny Owen Youngs obsess over how the series upended sexist tropes, analyze the undeniable sexual chemistry between Buffy and Faith and write jingles for favorite characters like Vamp Willow.

But they also wrestle with Xander’s problematic one-liners and Joss Whedon’s imperfect portrayal of women.

In the process the fun and addictive series has developed T-shirt worthy inside bits, like “Smash the Demon Lizard Patriarchy.” Episode to Get Hooked on: “3.06 Band Candy” Why You Should Listen: Somehow, a podcast miniseries about pornography turns out to be surprisingly sensitive podcast.

Journalist Jon Ronson begins by interviewing the German man who popularized free porn and examines how his actions affected porn creators and watchers alike.

So many culture podcasts rely on snark, but this show flourishes thanks to its earnest criticism, though the hosts are not afraid to call out bad prose."Of course we have sex," Dean said when quizzed by Jane. The couple said they were "used to talking about" their sex life, and revealed there was no preferred 'style' to their bedroom escapades."The experts couldn't stop talking about on the show," added Tracey. What can we can learn about a potential mate who uses a bland “hey” on an online dating app?How has the way we use the verb “trump” changed since the 45th president was elected? Episode to Get Hooked on: “Hey” explores the whole of Latinx culture through interviews and discussions with musicians, DJs and journalists.

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Ronson’s matter-of-fact approach to an often-taboo topic makes for riveting reporting.