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Real-time geomagnetic monitoring for space-weather related applications: Opportunities and challenges, Space Weather, 15(7), 820–827, doi:10.1002/2017SW001665.

[Link] [Space Weather highlight] [89] Pulkkinen, A., Bernabeu, E., Thomson, A., Viljanen, A., Pirjola, R., Boteler, D., Eichner, J., Cilliers, P.

USGS: Painting pays tribute to Civil War USGS: Simmering geomagnetic storm 2014 Bloomberg News: Springsteen had a point Businessweek: The coming megastorm 2013 AGU Geo Space: Sunspots and the price of wheat Hörzu Wissen: Katastrophen Kalender San Jose Mercury News: Magnetic shift and airport USGS: Anniversary of Halloween storm USGS: Does solar activity cause earthquakes? Geoelectric hazard maps for the Pacific Northwest, Space Weather, 16(8), 1114-1127, doi:10.1029/2018SW001844.

2012 Der Spiegel: Forscher entdecken Katastrophen-Rhythmus EETimes: Ring of fire Geneseo Lamron: Rocksalt lecture discusses geomagnetism GRL Highlight: Unusual nature of recent solar minimum Ilta Sanomat: Auringonpilkkujen minimijakso ällistytti tutkijoita Popular Mechanics: The end of the world USGS: Monitoring Earth's magnetic field 2011 Barron's: A magnet for stocks?

Nature: Magnetic south pole NBC News: Magnetic shifts and airport 2010 AAPG Explorer 2009 National Geographic: Shifts in Earth's magnetic field driven by oceans?

I am a Research Geophysicist within the Geomagnetism Program of the U. These days, I concentrate on using geomagnetic monitoring data and magnetotelluric survey data to evaluate geoelectric hazards that are a concern to the electric-power grid industry.

My research has, over the years, covered a variety of subjects related to the Earth's magnetic field.

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Geoelectric hazard assessment: the differences of geoelectric responses during magnetic storms within common physiographic zones, Earth Planets Space, 70, 35, doi:10.1186/s40623-018-0807-7.

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