Fuking girl contect pasir ris

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Fuking girl contect pasir ris

cos i kept someone lyk u close to my heart and love u wit all my might.. and there u r asking me to get my foot on somewhere else and go look for someone even beta to give me happiness.. if u really tink by going off wit someone else i wil feel happier and beta for me.. besides this i m aso useless too cos i got moi stupid probation n i cant go out on countdown to enjoy wif her hais i realli hate moiself alot!!! you see if i got no probation at least i can bring her out to party n countdown but hais looked at mi now ! by how u c now i m damn stupid n useless anyway ask you guys out there la .got so stupid to choose a dumb ass ! even though how much i love her i aso cant realli gib her happiness n fun n aso cant acc her whereeva she go .. just pray hard nothing would happen to our relationship and me..i of cos wanna you to be mine 4ever..*missing you every moments*thinking of you always*god bless you*take care always*i cried as i wrote all this*all i wish is to see you every single dae witout failed! without you by my side,i really dunnno what i could do ..please always take care and dun hurt yourself ! ya everytime i did sth wrong i wuld juz sae sorry but i already find useless sayin tt anyway i wil try try try !! i realli hope both of us wuld hold tight our hands n hold this relationship tight i realli dun wanna becos of small thingy and i lose her .. i shld treasure her than kept quarrelin wif her.isnt juz quarrelin n i guess its inculde love .. ya i shld understand her ..shldnt anyhow throw moi temper against her .ya she finally wake up .. i sick n tired of it i dun wanna go thru once again .is painful .. i dun wish too de loh but i juz dunno y like tt leh .. but i guess by wad i tot i would mayb know wad liao .. only you could bring me happiness..please let nothing happen to you! al i hope is tt she can bear wif moi bloody temper and hope she wont broke off wif mi n i wuld not lose her .. i realli hope i wuld tell her now how much i miss her but by seeing wad she msg mi.dun seems happy hais..anyway i guess sometimes i realli thinks too much .. actualli todae i wanna acc her the whole dae but hais i got to go visit min choo hse but i guess i wuld go there fer awhile lo den mit her later but hope her mom wuld let her out n i hope tym wuld go slower when i mit her n when she is by moi side..

al i know if she kept clinging on mi is useless..i hab no money n moi skin is rottin n i guess lotsa of thing is gonna happened to mi .. :: :"moi.heart": 'always' [always.too-] ~sob~ :0742: :hais i realli find moiself cant bear to lose this cute little gal..i juz came bac after bringin her to her own sweet home.the way back she told mi sth..i find her realli damn silly man.is veri cute.said she juz now was jealous as moi dad help mi rub moi back..i dun find her mad or wad whereas this is where i find her love in mi as care too ..

todae accompany dear to polyclinic for checkup on her leg..

earlier on i was stil so scare she might have something BIG happening on tat red and swollen knee of hers! but eventually we kinda got upset over each other..

hais even though i dun feel good sayin al this but no choice ..

i wil always be by ur side to give u all the care and concern i could k.. always givin fer her lots of troubles to let her worry,angry n sad..

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compared to the pain i had inflicted on dear's heart! i know i dun wish to know al this stuff cos i noe i veri easily jealous but hais rather den she keepin everything from mi ..

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