Fuck woman no credit card no upgrade just chat

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Fuck woman no credit card no upgrade just chat

There has not been enough color artwork, so I guess I'm going to skip the black and whites for another time. Yes, things look a little bumpy here from time to time at Xtreme Curves, but we are trying to get new equipment to work with and by late fall refurbish this web site, inside and out.

Of course, we still have the highest concentration of thick chicks, anywhere on the World Wide Web, going back nearly 10 years from the old days!

I stood up, and grabbed a tin of Nivea crème off my bed. The level of art and the quality of models will not diminish.

I gently smeared it against her anus, then pushed my fingers in, still more gently, and worked it around inside her rectum. Irene’s ass cheeks were so big I had to hold them open to get more of my enormous black tool up there. As I pushed the rest of my dick inside, I grew scared; I felt the insides of her rectum stretching, taking it in, deeper, deeper, until I could not even see an inch of the 12” I now had in full erection. In fact, we have some really great ones in store for the coming weeks.

The design overall will be far more professional-looking.MAYLI's back, and lovely as ever--we hope to get some vids of her pretty soon.Definitely trying to bring in more artwork--there was a lull over the summer for personal reasons but we want to make amends by putting out more quality pinups.Well, we had to install yet another hard drive since the last one unexpectedly died on us.Fortunately this time we had everything backed up on DVDs and getting everything back in order wasn't that difficult.

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I took a dab of the crème and smeared more along half the length of my fully erect penis. To get things back on track KAF is reorienting us with THREE Phat Girls drawings to partially make up for lost time.

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