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He has a team of different recipients for you to make payments into his account before you can claim on his contract money.The recipients are:-1) Mohammed Zayan Kuldic Menegar IBAN no: AE09 0240 0245 8009 3187 901Bank address: Islamic bank in Dubai2)Onyedika Jahswill Morah IBAN no: AE35 0240 0015 2009 0055 0013)Recsielyn Pascua Magsino IBAN no: AE71 0030 0105 0526 8132 001Deira Durai PO box 22700Adu Dhai Commercial Bank Mar 28, 2018Ratingstarstarstarstarstar I have been scammed by: Anonymous This Dr David Williams is still on Skype with seven profiles with the same picture but different date of birth.I had to report this because I find it so bad what happened. Last thing, he said he didn't get a monthly salary, but received an allowance and all his monies from his contracts as being in United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and was in securities and couldn't get it until his 3 years contract was up next August, and also have 20 years with UNHHC, as doctors without borders and retire with them.He is also having hard communication with his son because his son's phone broke and he is having a hard time getting him new one because he just gets an allowance, and right now he has to use his guardian's computer at boarding school. Mar 31, 2018Ratingstarstarstarstarstar correct gmail address by: Anonymous Dr David Williams gmail address should be [email protected] 31, 2018Ratingstarstarstarstarstar Clever scammer by: Anonymous This Dr David Williams (spell with a S) uses this email address, [email protected] all his corespondent and he will give you this United Nations email address,[email protected] you to claim his 12.5 millions (USD) contract money working for the UN and United states government with a three year contract from 2017 in refugee camps in Aleppo in Syria.

The best advice I can give you is if anyone asks for money or your bank details to transfer money into - cut them off totally and report them to the site you originally met on. Talked for 10 months to this person who says he's a surgeon in Syria , widow with a 15 yr old son. Sob story, in love with me after a week, I saved his life blah blah. This scam is different because he showed me his passport and UN ID as soon as I asked.

I started chatting to a guy who said he was english born but his father was american.

He was working for the united nations as an orthapedic surgeon which I thought was a bit of a story but I went along with it.

9' Scammers talk about their dreams that may include travel around the world with a special lady like you, start up a new business, to buy a new house to live with you etc.10' You may think Dating Scammers are over the computers, but it is not uncommon that they live near you maybe in the next town, or some scammers travel across the continent or even the Atlantic Ocean to see you within a month. All military personnel have access to their bank account just like you and I with a debit card and yes they all have access to ATM machines. ME (too soon-after just talking for a few times, something that normal people dont do. And thank god, I saw his name mentioned by one of us (dated back in 17 August 2018). Let me tell you the exact same lies as with a lot of others. But he has created a new profile with a different pic at the same time a week ago.

Like I said a lot of information for you if you are still wondering about certain things about all military services and whether you are being scammed. Claimed as an engineer, project manager, investor from Manchester, UK. And his refusal to send me his ID picture/passport picture (how ironic that it was he who always mentioned about being transparent and honest in a relationship). He is a smooth operator so please watch out for him. I swear these slime bags are multiplying like the maggots they are. His name is Dr Hensley Butler a pediatrician with doctors without borders in Jordon / Syrian border.

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He claimed he is a neurosurgeon and this is untrue as when he was asked what types of clips he does and did he clip a brain aneurysm but he didn't know the answer by ignoring or side tracking you.