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Receptor structure is varied: some receptors consist of a single polypeptide chain with a domain on either side of the membrane, connected by a membrane-spanning domain.

Some receptors are comprised of a single polypeptide chain that is passed back and forth in serpentine fashion across the membrane, giving multiple intracellular, transmembrane, and extracellular domains.

Plasma carrier proteins exist for all classes of endocrine hormones.

The hormone-binding signal of most, but not all, plasma membrane receptors is transduced to the interior of cells by the binding of receptor-ligand complexes to a series of membrane-localized GDP/GTP binding proteins known as G-proteins.

Other receptors are composed of multiple polypeptides.

For example, the insulin receptor is a disulfide-linked tetramer with the β-subunits spanning the membrane and the α-subunits located on the exterior surface.

Subsequent to hormone binding, a signal is transduced to the interior of the cell, where second messengers and phosphorylated proteins generate appropriate metabolic responses.

The main second messengers are c AMP, Ca), and diacylglycerol (DAG).

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In addition, systemic feedback mechanisms have evolved to regulate the production of endocrine hormones.

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