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Free cleveland adult dating lines

Then we started chatting everyday but just small talk at first and then it started getting sweet then started getting romantic and I found myself thinking about this individual during the day as he was starting to consume my thoughts and I started having Daydreams about this individual with his image in my mind was romantic and he started sending messages and I was being consumed with it.About 3 months into it he asked for water on the rig as their water is not safe to drink and he needed bottle water of about 200 cases shipped over and it was for his men he said.He is a real rig engineer, married with a beautiful family & does live IG videos of the beautiful ocean and posts photography often.

He right away fell madly in love with me and told me how great a kisser he was. HELLO, I have been talking to a JIM MARINO, [email protected] he has sent me three pictures of a nice man.Thank you Update on Comment Title: Victor Gonzalez IG @_victorb2b I google every person's photo that contacts me.I found the "real" guy's picture my scammer was using, told him what was going on and now we are friends. He said he has reported about 15 accounts (I helped him with a few) that have used his photos.At this time I knew I was a victim of an oil rig engineer scam.I found this site and some other victims contacted me and joined some groups that help some but it is a very lonely walk and my money taken that has taken me over ten years to save is gone and I have suffered grief from being lied to, stolen from, and a broken heart.

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But before his check was deposited into the bank he was in a hotel room and needed hotel fare and then airfare to travel.

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