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Forty days of dating

We only have one shot in this life, so if you are both curious, go for it! During the experiment I was stressed out about relationships, working too much, and not living a healthy lifestyle.

The worst that can happen is that it doesn’t work out, you can always go back to being friends. The experiment (and therapy) helped me realize I just needed to take care of myself. It’s interesting that as soon as I stopped looking for the right person, I ended up finding the love of my life a few months after.

I was in the best state of mind after the experiment ended.

Jessica Walsh is the romantic, and Timothy Goodman is the commitmentphobe.

By opening up about them and being honest, people were able to relate to us.

I find that the work I’m most interested in doing is inspired by the human experience.

40 Days of Dating is a project I did with a good friend of mine, Timothy Goodman. Songwriters, film makers, journalists and artists have been doing that regularly for a very long time.

Graphic designers tend to shy away from the personal or using design for expressive purposes.

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Designers have the skills and tools to communicate with a wide audience.

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