Divorced fathers and dating

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They found they had much in common -- a similar outlook on life and a spiritual compatibility as well.

They enjoyed talking and looking forward to time together.

Postscript: One of their spouses eventually discovered the incriminating e-mails, and the family affair quickly turned into a family nightmare..

We humans are experts at creating illusions for ourselves.

Visions of Woods, Jessie James, Mark Sanford, John Edwards and others came to mind -- along with the similar stories of countless patients over the years.I find that people in this kind of affair find something in each other that's lacking in their "real" relationship, and they're not dealing with that.Aside from the challenge of remaining on the chaste side of the sexual borderline, such "lovers" must hope that their primary partners continue to believe they're telling the truth.He and his wife's sister finally had sex after years of mutual, erotic teasing.Suddenly they were in the midst of an affair that neither wanted to end.

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She knew that "getting back" at her husband wasn't going to produce empowerment or healing, but nevertheless began a disastrous affair.

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