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Datinghuddersfield com

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in 1854 bradford corporation bought the bradford water company[16] and embarked on a huge engineering programme to bring supplies of soft water from airedale and wharfedale.

2013 bradford was again crowned "curry capital of britain" after seeing off other strong contenders such as glasgow and wolverhampton.[13] the jowett motor company founded in the early 20th century by benjamin and william jowett and arthur v lamb, manufactured cars and vans in bradford for 50 years.

in 1910 moser became the first jewish lord mayor of bradford.

this innovation culture continues today throughout bradford's economy, from automotive (kahn design)[39] to electronics (pace micro technology).

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first bradford and arriva are the chief operators of buses in bradford, with some routes using guided buses.[28] jacob moser was a textile merchant who was a partner in the firm edelstein, moser and co, which developed into a successful bradford textile export house.

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