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You can be certain that on The Affair you will find women looking for men - why else would they be here?

As many women approach forty, they start to look back on their lives and consider whether they've had as much fun as they'd like to have.

But, when his phone rings at that hour now, trust that he will have some explaining to do. Maybe he was the kind of friend who would drop everything to bring you soup if you weren’t feeling well.

Or maybe, he would pick you up from work when your car broke down.

So, in order to stay on the right side of that fine line between friendship and flirtation, abide by these rules of thumb when it comes to your married bros: It's a major red flag if your new friend, say the one you met at the office, has not bothered to mention your existence to his better half.

If you’re spending time grabbing lunch together or catching after-work drinks, it may be odd you never come up in conversation when his spouse inevitably asks about his day.

It’s difficult to build and maintain a friendship with a married man without attracting some judgment or suspicion.

Even when it comes to male friends you’ve known for years, the dynamic changes when he puts a ring on it, and it may be difficult to adapt to your new place in his life.

It’s not that he cares about your friendship any less, although it might feel that way. For a start, they are road tested - They know how to please a man, or they'd never have been proposed to.Moreover, they are unlikely to want anything from you but no strings encounters.Your friend’s partner and marriage makes him happy (I’m hoping).A good friend should share in that happiness and do what she can to respect and maintain it, even if that means getting a bit awkward and letting a little (or a lot) go.

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Even if you are having a crisis, it needs to be a life or death situation.

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