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This has also been reflected in the continued growth of dating apps.

As a sense of taboo diminishes and more become open to sharing how they met their significant other, this trend is likely to persist.

A good conversation is still very much required to spark and sustain human connection, and this factor may be magnified on dating platforms. It signals that you are invested in it, and helps others get to know you better.

Just as you put effort into how you look before heading out, do not neglect your digital appearance and personality. They present opportunities to meet more people in a shorter span of time and broaden one's social circles and interactions.

While men with higher educational status are more attractive to women, there is little correlation between a woman’s educational status and her popularity. It is also about what you think you can tell about someone's personality from their photos and profiles.

Photos where the individual is smiling, and photos in which he or she is engaged in an outdoor activity such as cycling or diving tend to be more popular.

This is reflected in the lower number of matches in this age group, and yet a greater proportion arranging to meet up.

Instead of mingling within the same social groups, Singaporeans who use such apps may meet people with diverse education levels, across job industries and social backgrounds. Browse to discover more about us, what we do, and how you can participate in our numerous community activities.We also regularly engage in cross-cultural exchanges in our multi-racial island, so there's something for everyone!Online however, a psychological threshold must be crossed before dating app users agree to meet up – especially for those aged 26 and above.Traditional factors like education, age and race still hold large sway over who we choose to interact with in real life.

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