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Dating in the middle east

A Squadron was detatched to the Western Desert Force and, equipped with only Machine Gun Carriers of British origin, assisted in the capture of Bardia in January 1941.

The role of a Divisional Cavalry Regiment was to conduct reconnaissance, surveillance and early warning operations on behalf of its division.

The first surviving European quilts are three trapunto quilts made in Sicily in the late 14th century. A similar quilt is shown in Bartolomeo Bermejo's 1450 painting The Death of the Virgin, while a Provencal inventory of 1426 mentions linen bedcovers worked "in the style of Naples." The Renaissance brought increased trade with the East.

Indian cotton quilts and quilted palampores were wildly popular in Portugal, while silk quilts from the Mediterranean island of Chios were used throughout Europe.

The word quilt is derived from the Latin culcita, meaning a padded and tied mattress.

Quilting is a needlework technique involving two or more layers of fabric, usually sandwiched with padding of some sort, stitched together in a decorative pattern.

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2003 Lisa Evans (Do not reproduce this article without permission from the author.) Additional Information: A Short Introduction to Pre-Colonial Quilting, by Lisa Evans, Independent Scholar, Massachusetts Find more extensive information on Medieval & Renaissance Quilting from Lisa Evans.

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