Dating herpes new zealand

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Associated with the colour orange & the element water, located slightly below the naval (belly button).

Please note only available in ALL 20ml or ALL 10ml sizes.

Located within the throat it is the chakra of communication (talking & listening).

Is related to our creativity, self-expression, judgement, inner vision, intuition, decision making & wisdom.

Physically associated with our neck, shoulders, arms, hands, thyroid & parathyroid glands, ears, mouth, jaw and tongue.

When we are in balance we can express ourself & our ideas clearly and with honesty, able to look beyond our selves, able to deal with conflicts with ease, acceptance of ourself, able to say no, are responsible to ourselves and others, at ease with the world around us, aware of others energies, tend to have vivid dreams or at least a clear recall of them.

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Associated with the colour yellow & the element fire as well as the sun, located just above the navel (belly button).