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She says that we have to unlearn cultural lessons that have been reinforced through our lives — such as the idea that love comes to us.“I believe, culturally, we’ve been taught from all the Disney movies, all the chick flicks (even in ‘Girls Trip’), the woman ends up with a man, and she didn’t have to do anything,” Adams-Roberts said.

“We’ve been taught that we don’t have to do anything. So it feels weird to have to put in effort.” But when finding love is a priority, strategic effort is needed, she said.

Her tips for more fruitful dating for those over 40: Gordon is an example of someone who has made it to the other side.

Now in a relationship for the past two months, she admits she’s never been happier. “I think we need to love like we’ve never been hurt before,” she said.

Many say there are common, cultural threads, and we’re here to tease them out. The following is the fourth of eight in this online series.“Forty is the new 30!So it would be wise to ensure that everything you do and say will match and are all true.Most black women are not looking for someone with whom they can be with for just a short period.The reason behind this is because the majority of black women today are strong and pretending to be someone you’re not won’t lead you anywhere.They are very smart, and they will undoubtedly uncover the truth in no time.

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With the busy lifestyles that we all have, it can be challenging to find a date and create a long-term relationship.

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