Dating a swiss army knife

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Dating a swiss army knife

In 1908 the Swiss manufacturer now known as Wenger also started making these knives, and the supply of the in reference to their products.The Victorinox company was started by Swiss cutler Karl Elsener.Please help us by adding additional information or correcting the existing information.

The Victorinox Alox Knives that are 3.5" closed have ribbed Silver Alox handles.

The world of Swiss Army Knives was created in 1891 by the Swiss manufacturer now known as Victorinox, with the help of many smaller Swiss cutlers.

They manufactured the first Swiss Soldier Knife for the Swiss Army, and one has been issued to every enlisted person since then.

Many of the knives were originally sold through his mother's hat shop in the German speaking town of Ibach.

His mother's name, Victoria, was where half the company's eventual name would come from, the other half being .

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