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The internet offers access to a world of products and services, entertainment and information.

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But women with carry on bags for purses don't get told the same info. I told her she can kiss my business goodbye and that she should get with the times and that if they don't want business from cyclists they should put a note on the door.

You embarass me in your store, you will get it back with both barrels.

Some will go along willingly knowing they have been caught. My son then grabbed his arms and was holding him against the bar trying to talk to him.

I'll try to find a news link and I'll post it here I read the story on this death.

I do believe this rather large automotive parts source dealer has the resources to capture a picture to submit to the police. In the best interest of the general public as well as the their own employees.

This has been reported by the Hamilton Spectator as being the second incident within ten years of risky apprehension of a 'suspect'....where in the world does jumping on the hood of a get away car and holding on to the wipers fall within the safety guidelines of all concerned???

2 Canadian Tire security guys tackled someone that had shoplifted and was running.

anyway, the shoplifter died as a result of the attack....

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I will not put up with being treated like I am one of their [email protected]: No my son is not a saint. My point was, the bouncers did not see the other guy take a shot at my son in the face, just the fact that my son was attemtping to subdue the guy.