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Internal validation is your sense of confidence and self-esteem; you believe in your own value and worth.External validation, on the other hand, is approval and regard of others.Somebody who was a detriment to the group’s survival – someone who couldn’t pull their own weight for the tribe, who consumed more than they contributed or whose behavior was dangerous to the social cohesion would risked being ostracized.Their presence made it harder for the collective whole to survive and thus it was better for the group to excise the one who caused more problems than they were worth. important – being able to interact with other successfully is a mark of social and emotional intelligence, after all – it takes very little to become an incredibly toxic addiction.You see, the question of what you rely on to make you feel good about yourself tells you a lot about how you prioritize the importance of how others see you versus how you see yourself.We’re talking, of course, about your source of validation: whether you rely on validation from others or whether you rely on internal validation.

We feel confused and lost and directionless and so we try to cover it all up by getting obsessed with things that we don’t actually care about but feel like we should and buy crap we don’t really need because we feel like it gives us an identity that we so desperately lack.Humans are social animals after all, and part of living in a group means being conscious of how you are regarded by others.Being liked and approved of by the group once meant the literal difference between life and death.Humans are complex beasts when you get under the hood.We have an incredibly elaborate system desires and wants that are ultimately separate from what we need to survive.

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You are expected to prioritize “hard to get” women (strippers, bartenders, shot girls, models) over others because you’re competing with your “brothers” and regularly sleeping with strippers is a status-symbol within the community.