Dallas sex chat rooms

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Dallas sex chat rooms

SENTENCE: Tomball man pleads guilty to killing family in drunk-driving crash Investigators began exchanging text messages with Lil Mamma, one of which explicitly detailed how she and her husband would sexually assault their daughter.Other texts detail how she and her husband were grooming the little girl to perform other sexual acts, according to court documents.

The survey found that Dallas' sex economy is "mainly composed of pimp-controlled online and street-based sex trafficking and voluntary prostitution." There is also an increasing number of "erotic massage parlors." Researchers determined that Dallas' legitimate sexualized businesses, including massage parlors and topless bars, can serve as fronts for prostitution and sex trafficking.

Researchers gleaned information from interviews with 73 convicted pimps and hundreds of law enforcement officials.

In Dallas, researchers interviewed 15 pimps, seven child pornographers and six sex workers.

Forty-nine percent of pimps reported using the Internet to attract business.

Online classifieds, social media, discussion boards, chat rooms, dating websites and custom web pages were all cited as prime marketing tools.

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Federal investigators started a chat with a person with the username "Lil Mamma," according to federal court records, and asked if the user had ever done anything sexually with her daughter.