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While startup costs can be significant, they usually don't have a major impact on the analysis.Call center centralization: The benefits Comparing the cost analysis for a centralized call center with the status quo will indicate whether consolidating is cost-effective.Bottom-line impact of call center centralization Each call center environment is different and has to be carefully evaluated before making the decision whether to centralize.As a result, it's essential to establish a baseline by which to measure everything – cost, volume, key performance indicators (including customer satisfaction levels), customer base numbers and so on – to accurately measure the impact of the consolidation effort on a company's bottom line.The debate over receiving treatment at a hospital emergency room versus treatment from an urgent care center is worth having for anyone concerned about medical debt, especially families, who may have a lot of “emergency” and “urgent” needs facing them every year.There are many sides to the debate, but the generally agreed upon guidelines for deciding between an emergency room and urgent care center are: If you have a non-urgent condition – fever, flu symptoms, allergic reactions, minor cuts, animal bites, broken bones – urgent care centers are far better for time and cost.

This analysis is conceptually simple but practically challenging.

The ability to answer calls on one or two rings may not appear to make a substantial difference, but reducing the time to answer calls or respond to email by minutes (or days in the case of email), will have a quantifiable impact on service quality and customer perception.

Some businesses have customers who have made it clear that they want support to be provided by local people.

Nearly all the information on emergency room care is from 2012 or earlier and the data for urgent care centers is by observation from the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Americans made 136.1 million visits to one of the country’s nearly 5,000 emergency rooms in 2012.

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It is important to address staff requirements (phone-based and non-phone-based personnel), and all supporting cost categories, including telecom, real estate, technology and so on.

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