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In this article, we will learn how to manage software on your distro using only the command line, without touching the GUI at all.

I see great benefits when using the command line in any Ubuntu-based system.

'Dist-upgrade' on the other hand also handles dependency changes and may remove packages not needed anymore.

Also if you want to upgrade the Linux kernel to the latest version then you need the 'dist-upgrade' command.

So how will you see the new color scheme if you have upgraded from a previous build?

We've also released a Color Tool with which you can apply this and a selection of alternative color schemes to your Windows Console.

The command to update packages is: Ubuntu comes pre-installed with a bash-completion tool which makes life even easier with apt-get and aptitude.

You can simply edit this file using 'nano' or your preferred editor and add the new repositories there.Each *buntu comes with its own 'custom' software management tool which not only creates inconsistent experiences across different flavors, even if they use the same repositories or resources to manage software.The life of a user becomes easier with CLI because the same command works across flavors and derivatives.Here is the legacy color scheme (top), and the new default scheme (below): Additionally, the following table describes the color scheme change in terms of RGB values.In the previous article of this series we learned some of the basics of the CLI (command line interface).

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Running a system upgrade is quite easy on Ubuntu and its derivatives.

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