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A careful study of this stance shows that its adherents either discount the authority of Scripture or adopt interpretive methods that create the latitude to ignore or distort the plain and obvious meaning of its words.In our opinion, the clarity of God's truth on this matter remains unchanged in spite of hermeneutical methods designed to justify homosexual behavior.Some of Scripture’s final words are an invitation from the “Spirit and the Bride” to “come” to the wedding feast (Rev ).In the middle of the Bible we find the Song of Songs, the longest love poem in the Bible.Marriage marks the beginning, middle, and end of the Bible.In the beginning, the account of creation climaxes with the creation of Eve, the Bride, in Genesis -22, followed by Adam’s “wedding vows” in Gen , forming the first marriage ever and establishing the pattern of marriage for the rest of human history (Gen ).We should add that the prophets describe God’s relationship to Israel as a marriage (Isa 56, 60; Hos 2; Jer 1-3; Ezek 16, 23) and Jesus tells parables portraying himself as a Bridegroom come to wed his Bride (Matt 22:1-14; 25:1-13). Jesus came to make the New Covenant, where we become God’s family by ingesting his flesh and blood, so becoming the very “flesh and blood” of God, members of his family. It symbolizes the covenant between God and his people.If you don’t “get” marriage, you don’t “get” the message of the Bible. Marriage is celebrated by two persons becoming one flesh in the marriage bed.

So the Bible begins and ends with marriage, and stresses it in the middle. In other words, it’s a way of swearing someone into your family. It’s divided into two of them: the “Old” and the “New”, because “Testament” is just the Latin word for “covenant.” The fourth Eucharistic prayer sums up the whole Old Testament in one phrase: “Time and again you offered them covenants, and through the prophets taught them to hope for salvation.” As the Catechism of the Catholic Church points out, the story of the Bible is the story of God offering covenants to mankind, because God is always inviting us to become his family (CCC 1).

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The Bible prohibits kinds of sexual promiscuity – heterosexual as well as homosexual.

Logical consistency demands that individuals and groups who want to reinterpret Scripture to sanction free sexual expression among homosexuals should extend the same concession to heterosexual singles; and, in fact, some have already taken this next step.

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