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“You have to look at the circumstances, and the circumstances here were the public continued using the trail.”Haddon had agreed with the Forest Service on that point, writing: “The fact the USFS continued to use and maintain the trail as normal during such negotiations supports the conclusion it never relinquished possession of its claim.”University of Montana law professor Sandi Zellmer, a public lands expert, said, “It’s not an easy case to make. Private property is almost sacrosanct in this country.Christen also questioned how the Forest Service’s notation of the trail on its maps since 1940 put the landowners on notice that the agency claimed that route as an easement.Zellmer said the Wonder Ranch case could set precedent for other such public access lawsuits, depending on what the appeals court judges rule, not only in places like the Crazy Mountains but across the West.A ruling defining hostile use, for example, could establish how extensive use needs to be, or whether “some attention to indication of permission would be recognized.”The three-judge panel will review the briefs and testimony before issuing a ruling, which could take a few months.In 2011, the Forest Serviced filed a Statement of Interest with the Madison County Clerk & Recorder.The Wonder Ranch sought a quiet title action in 2014 to establish that they legally own the property and the Forest Service has no easement.Hostility must be proven, and it was not.”“Mere use of a trail, even if extensive or longstanding, is insufficient to satisfy the open, notorious, and hostile elements of a prescription claim.”To gain a prescriptive easement across about a quarter-mile of the Wonder Ranch the Forest Service had to prove that use of the route had been, “under Montana law … After 1953 to the present, the statutory period is five years,” Haddon noted in his ruling.

It is named after a government trapper, Denny Wonder, who homesteaded on the 80 acres in 1936. Hudson of Dallas, bought the property in 1968 as a family summer retreat.Doe de gratis persoonlijkheidstest en het systeem matcht u direct met mensen die het meest bij u passen.We hebben zelf goede ervaringen met deze test en ook onze bezoekers zijn hier zeer tevreden over. Wij waren verrast hoe nauwkeurig het systeem ons heeft weten te koppelen aan de juiste mannen en vrouwen.De onderstaande contactsites voor christenen zijn door ons in 2017 als best beoordeeld. U gaat sowieso iemand leuk tegen komen als u zich direct op Parship Christen is meer een online bemiddelingsbureau voor serieuze en vriendschappelijke relaties.U kunt hier in ongedwongen sfeer in contact komen met andere christelijke dames en heren. Als u op zoek bent naar langdurige relaties dan is Parship zeker wat voor u.

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A Bozeman man faced trespassing charges after he used one such Crazy Mountains route in 2016.

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