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Chatting girl belleek

Often a hen party brings together a group of girls who may not know each other.If you are planning a hen party be sure to incorporate some silly games as they are a great way to break the ice and have a good giggle in the process.It’s important that one person writes all the answers because, at some point in the party, the bride-to-be will be handed the notebook and asked read out the answers, while identifying who the person is.An alternative version of the game is to get each of the hens to bring an item of significance.It’s virtually impossible so don’t worry about prizes for the winners!You’ve all heard of Beer Pong, or at least seen it played in some American High School film? For those not in the know, you set up large plastic cups, fill them with a little Prosecco and the objective is to throw Ping-Pong balls into the cups. Ask for a few hens to volunteer to model, the rest of the ladies should be put into teams.The hen says ‘Ha’ ‘Ho’ or ‘Hee’ first, then each girl in the group take turns to say the words while keeping a straight face.

To play this game, you need a bunch of tights and a load of cheap oven gloves.

If you are planning a hen party be sure to incorporate some silly games as they are a great way to break the ice and have a good giggle in the process. Open your hen party with a drinks reception, serving a glass of wine or Prosecco.

Before everyone arrives, write a range of topics and stick these to the bottom of the glasses, for example, “first dates”.

Your opponent then has to drink the Prosecco from the cup the ball landed in. The task is to create a dream wedding dress out of toilet paper in 10 minutes.

While the model is strutting her stuff in front of the judges one member of each team has to explain a little about their design and where they got inspiration from.

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It’s really simple and bound to get the hens in hysterics.

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