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My husband has moved to the other room and was to the point of suffering from depression from his sleep deprivation from my RLS.We are talking serious marital issues here - divorce was even discussed.I am currently looking at obtaining treatment for my varicose veins which have been a problems since my early 20's to see if that helps.I have been researching treatment options and I currently feel I know more than my internist, who is really quite brilliant.

I am concerned that if I take a sleeping pill, I won't be able to wake for phone calls and function properly. The sleep deprivation is taking it's toll on me and I also worry for my daughter.

The other important aspect is taking the iron on an empty stomach and with Vitamin C (about 100 mg) to acidify the stomach.

Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2009 AM Subject: Iron and Ferritin Levels.

I know raising my ferritin levels which were 25 when tested may not help my RLS symptoms, but I need to try. Although iron tablets do have binders in them that might impede the absorption of iron, there is likely not as much a difference between these forms of oral iron.

What is more important is the amount of elemental iron (the highest is a chewable tablet that is a compromise between liquids and solids and contains 150 mg of elemental iron).

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My daughter went to the premiere sleep doctor here in Tulsa, OK, and got really no help other than a diagnosis.

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