Chat adult symbols

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Chat adult symbols

Here is how basic phrases are determined: Numbers, letters and symbols for sounds: In such cases as 121 for "one to one," CUL for "see you later" and B4 for before, sounds are shortened to single letters/numbers. Happy Anniversary When texting, the goal is to say as much as possible in as few letters as possible. If you are good at deciphering vanity plates, you will probably be good at deciphering text messages.As these emoticons are just a type of text art, it means that you can copy and paste them in your chats, emails, text messages (SMS messages sent from cell phones or smartphones), IM (Instant Messaging) conversations (like Skype and FB chat, etc.) They can also be used on social networking pages (like Facebook status and wall updated, Facebook comments, etc.) and Twitter.

These text emoticons are great for texting and our gallery can be browsed and used on smartphones (such as i Phones and Android phones), Tablets like the i Pad and more.

Common terms include 420 for "marijuana", 143 for "I love you" (the number of letters in each word) and 459 for "I love you" (the corresponding numbers for the letters I, L and Y). " or "You do it." G2G can mean "Get together" or "Got to go" BF can mean "boyfriend" or "best friend" WB can mean "Welcome back" or "Write back" It may seem confusing, but you'll start to get the hang of it soon enough.

Popular and random phrases: Some phrases have become popular for various reasons.

It will help you understand the text chat lingo by providing the definitions to 700 frequently used text chat abbreviations. If you want to know more about the original text style of msn emoticons, take a look at the emoticon style guide for text emoticons that we've created.

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These abbreviations are used extensively in text or SMS chats on mobile phones too.