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Also, FYI I am using a new, recently-created PST file for this Inbox.

Is it possible I have another PST hiding somewhere in my vast archives that I need to re-link to Outlook?

Includes the QRZ bot for detailed QRZ callsign lookups, APRS station lookups, DX Summit spots, Q-signals, solar data, morse code translator, ham radio glossary, weather conditions, real time radio news, lookups, and a lot more.

Check him out on the HHH Net and the 3905 Century Club nets.

One of the ways to avoid these performance issues is turning off ‘Download shared folders’ in the mailbox settings: ‘Download shared folders’ disabled This can be done manually, or company wide with the Group Policy setting “Disable shared mail folder caching” found in with the value set to 0.(Somehow*, in the 2-3 years I was not using Outlook, my Email Account settings evidently got wiped, so the "clean slate" part was easy!

EFnet's #Ham Radio has been the official channel of W8IRC since the club's inception in 2002, but membership and representation automatically includes any willing ham radio operator who uses IRC anywhere.

What's your call, and what IRC networks and channels do you frequent?

It’s Andy here, once again, bringing you another tip top, ultra-awesome review of the live gay chat site that holds onto the number four position in out prestigious top five cam site reviews.

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